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Songs From a Dead Man’s Couch (2006)

About the Record:
This album is great for fans of Lucinda Williams, Suzanne Vega, Rilo Kiley, Jolie Holland, Tom Waits and Wilco. Songs From a Dead Man’s Couch includes 10 of Kristy's lyrically dark originals, and a driving train-beat version of Depeche Mode's "Never Let Me Down Again” that “recasts the song as a spooky hayride” (Americana UK). Krüger fuses traditional jazz, and country, occasionally mixing alternative Americana and electronics, forming a genre we like to call: Ameritronica.

Upon its release, Krüger received supportive press in the US and abroad - The Dallas Morning News described Kristy’s sound as a “female Tom Waits, produced by Daniel Lanois.” (Long-time veteran, producing records for everyone from U2 to Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, etc.) A high compliment, considering Krüger produced the record. She was also named Best Female Singer in the 2006 Dallas Observer Music Awards, Dallas’ leading entertainment weekly.

About the Title:
It is entitled "Songs from a Dead Man's Couch" because Kristy wrote almost all her songs on her hand-me-down couch, whose previous owner later passed away. All of his furniture filled her living room and it just kind of weirded her out a little bit and she always thought about him while she was writing songs.

About the Artwork:
Songs From a Dead Man’s Couch comes with a 12 page full-color booklet, complete with lyrics, which is laid out like an old-timey photo album. The pictures were collected from the Dohrer family album, which frankly just had some beautiful, beautiful photographs that complemented the music. The photos are 50-70 years old and some date back almost 100 years. Take a peek…

How the Album is Best Enjoyed – Just a Friendly Suggestion:
This record is best enjoyed at *night* when you are driving *alone* on a long stretch of highway, as that’s where and how many of the songs began.

Press Quotes:
“Kristy was one of my favorite interviews this year. Way more comments about her than say, our coverage of Iraq.”
-Ira Glass, Host of Public Radio International’s This American Life

From Texas Music No. 28 (Fall 2006)
When Kristy Krüger coos, "I don't wanna see no sunshine," on her song "Little Polyanna," you believe it — even when she whips out the kazoo. With her fourth album, the dark, weird and wonderful Songs From a Dead Man's Couch, the Dallas singer-songwriter (who recently relocated to her old college town of Los Angeles) has crafted the perfect soundtrack for your next absinthe and opium binge — full of gloomy ruminations but lit up with melodic beauty like a windowless room full of flickering candles. Krüger's narcotic voice and gothic sensibilities prove a perfect fit for her cover of Depeche Mode's "Never Let Me Down Again," but it's her own songs that really linger and haunt, from the sly but catchy opener, "Gold Rush," to a handful of beautiful dirges that could have really redeemed Lucinda Williams' otherwise forgettable last album. Not since Tom Petty one-upped Roger McGuinn with "American Girl" has a student trumped the master as decisively as Krüger does Williams on "Talk Radio." "I'm a real keeper if you didn't know," she sings on "Blackhole," and you better believe that, too. — RICHARD SKANSE

“Her voice has a timeless quality to it and whatever setting she places it into…like a hot hand in the small of your back leading you to the dance floor, you are powerless to resist.”
-David Cowling, Americana UK, the largest resource for Americana in the UK

“She has grown into one of the most eclectic singers in Dallas…Imagine a female Tom Waits, produced by Daniel Lanois.”
-Thor Christensen, The Dallas Morning News

"One of the best albums of the year in a seemingly tired singer/songwriter genre...Folks, this is not your ordinary singer/songwriter strum and hum stuff..."
-Bruce Warren, Program Director, WXPN, NPR's World Cafe

"Kristy Kruger is one of those artists you discover and immediately want to share with a friend. Believe it or not - those of us who work in the business - still live for this."
- Ed Bailey - Austin City Limits

“We can’t get enough of the dark country-folk on Dallas singer Kristy Krüger’s new CD…Krüger shines brightest on Dark Stranger, with its hypnotic blend of hard-driving country and transient electronica.”
-Hunter Hauk, The Quick, a product of The Dallas Morning News

“...A heavy-lidded Dallas Americana songstress with the vox and gumption to remake Depeche Mode's ‘Never Let Me Down Again’ as a bluegrass rambler.”
-Chris Gray, The Austin Chronicle

"Songs executed with a professionalism and profound worldview that belies her youthful appearance...Far from a typical self-released set...A startingly mature work, full of whispered secrets and quiet affections."
- Darryl Smyers, The Dallas Observer

“Kristy’s the only female singer I’ve ever heard that reminds me of Johnny Cash.”
-John Cross, fan, Dallas, Texas

“She knows her Texana traditions, but, unlike some acts, she's not imprisoned by them. I recommend Songs from a Dead Man's Couch for those who are hunting for folk music for non-folkies.”
-Gurdonark, fan, Dallas, Texas

Instrumentation and Liner Notes:
Lead and Background Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Mandolin, Pedal Steel, Keyboards, Harmonica, Kazoo, Water Glasses, Electronic Loops, etc. – Kristy
Electric Guitar – Eric Neal
Banjo and Pedal Steel – Todd Pertll
Electric Bass – Lyndah Garner
Upright Bass – Warren Kaye
Drums – Todd Unruh
Accordian – Paul Slavens
Clarinet and Bass Clarinet – Jeffrey Barnes
Background Vocals – Doug Burr
Percussion – Salim Nourallah, Rip Rowan, and Todd Unruh
Graphic Design and Layout – Mike Harding and James Parker
at The Creative Think Tank
Creative Direction – Kristy
Photography – Erich Dohrer, and the Dohrer family photo album
Marcel Finger Waves Styled by Marquinn Middelton, Dallas, Texas
Recorded at Pleasantry Lane Studios in Dallas, Texas by
Salim Nourallah
And in Kristy’s living room by herself
Mixed by Ethan Allen in Los Angeles, California
Mastered by Bruce Barielle in New Orleans, Louisiana

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