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An Unauthorized Guide to the Human Anatomy (2004)

About the Album:
WINNER of the 2004 Just Plain Folks International Independent Music Awards for Best Female Singer/Songwriter Album of the Year

This album will most likely appeal to fans of Aimee Mann, Juliana Hatfield, and Ani DiFranco. Kristy’s third disc, An Unauthorized Guide to the Human Anatomy, is an elaborate concept album, featuring Dave Pirner, frontman of Soul Asylum on guitars, Tony Nozero of Drums and Tuba, and Brad Houser of Edie Brickell & the New Bohemians. Each of her thirteen original tracks represents a different part of the human anatomy. Krüger’s jazz and classical backgrounds give way to experimental keyboard riffs and fluid vocal choruses that move like string arrangements, creating clever pop. The album was mostly produced by Krüger, and recorded with engineer Andrew "Goat" Gilchrist, longtime live and studio engineer for Ani DiFranco.

Picking up airplay on XM Satellite Radio, and select NPR stations, Anatomy also received supportive press. The Times Picayune noted Krüger’s “knack for memorable lyrics and melodies, her careful evocative vocals and smart contemporary arrangements." A little more on the pop-end of alternative, this record will find a home with those who don’t mind thick production and a catchy tune.

Sound Samples:

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 01 The Mouth – Pride
 02 The Spine – Coming ‘Round the Mountain
 03 The Ribcage – Wayside
 04 The Eyelids – Molasses
 05 The Thumb – Spotlight
 06 The Guts – Vendetta
 07 The Pelvis – Monsoon
 08 The Feet – I Got My Back
 09 The Eyes – The Pursuit of Happiness
 10 The Heart – Alabaster
 11 The Brain – Better off Dead
 12 The Neck – Up To Here
 13 The Knees – The Orphan Song

About the Title:
Kristy explains…
The anatomy concept came after the whole record was done. I spent a month listening to it, trying to figure out a through line between the songs. All I could come up with was that each song seemed like a little vignette of the human experience. It’s almost as if each song is a different character talking about their perspective. “Monsoon” was about desire, “Vendetta” about envy, “Coming ‘Round the Mountain” about volition and perseverance. And then the idea of pairing each song with a body part came to mind, and everything matched up perfectly. I went to a used bookstore and began searching through old medical textbooks to gather ideas for the layout. I then chose An Unauthorized Guide to the Human Anatomy to mock a dry textbook title. Yes, I am a total dork. Thank you.

An excerpt from Kristy’s interview with Lori Price of The Dallas Morning News:
Q: When people listen to your music, what do want them to take away from it?
A: I do hope that listeners both male and female can relate to the overlying themes of desire, perseverance, pride and loss, which are all a part of the human experience, regardless of gender.

About the Artwork:
Don’t judge a book by its cover! An Unauthorized Guide to the Human Anatomy was a finalist in the Independent Music Awards for Best Graphic Design out of thousands of entries. Our basic maroon cover just represents the cloth covering of a medical textbook. The real goods are inside.

The intricate packaging includes a full-color 24-page mock medical "textbook," complete with lyrics, anatomical sketches, a bibliography, textbook “graffiti,” sarcastic footnotes, etc. Take a peek…

Press Quotes:

"Psychedelic Folk Pop."
-Mario Tarradell, The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas

“A genre crashing wonder, a multi-layered work of aural art that holds up to and actually demands repeated listens.”
-Steve Carter, Dallas Modern Luxury Magazine, Dallas, Texas

"The real heart of ‘Anatomy’ lies in Krüger's knack for memorable lyrics and melodies, her careful evocative vocals and smart contemporary arrangements."
-Keith Spera, The Times Picayune, New Orleans, Louisiana

"Kristy Krüger is cool...She sings 'I Got My Back' with the quiet confidence of someone who actually does."
-Alex Rawls, The Gambit, Alternative Weekly Press, New Orleans, Louisiana

“Lyrically mature without losing any of the positive quirkiness that marked her first two recordings, and musically sophisticated without bleeding over into excess.”
-Tom Geddie, Buddy Magazine, The Original Texas Music Magazine, Dallas, Texas

“Kristy Krüger has confidence and an artistic sensibility that reflects a caring, sensitive soul.”
-Edie Brickell

“I bought An Unauthorized Guide to the Human Anatomy (and the shipping from CD Baby was lightening fast I may add) and I was not at all disappointed. This CD is wonderful, the music is a jazzy-folk sound filled with emotion that I can never tire of.”
-Hope Lattanzi,fan, Alexandria, Virginia

“If you've been looking for a songwriter with brains, guts and heart, you'll find it in this Unauthorized Anatomy.”
-Mary Brancaccio, Maplewood, New Jersey

“Haunting...that's the only word that comes to mind when describing Kristy Krüger's voice. There's something about the way she delivers her lyrics that just leaves you breathless. The lyrics in her CD An Unauthorized Guide to the Human Anatomy are so engrossing and thought-provoking that you just have to listen to it over and over and over again. The best part is that this CD is so well done that you won’t mind one bit.”
-Mariana Bosch, fan, Nogales, Arizona

Other things to know about An Unauthorized Guide to the Human Anatomy:
· Selected as a finalist in the Independent Music Awards sponsored by Border's Books and Music in the category of Artwork. Krüger conceived the anatomy "textbook" concept and led the creative direction while graphic designers Damon Bakun and Jerod Bowers designed the layout

· Editor’s Pick in the genre of Folk/Rock at CD Baby (the largest independent music retailer on the web)

· Her song “Coming ‘Round the Mountain,” paired with the spine, took 2nd place for Best Female Singer/Songwriter Song of the Year at the Just Plain Folks 2004 Independent Music Awards in Los Angeles

· Her song “Pride,” was chosen as a feature track on All Songs Considered, (on-line music show for NPR’s All Things Considered)

Instrumentation and Liner Notes:
Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Piano, Keyboards, Electronic Loops, Rhodes, Banjo, Mandolin, Lead and Background Vocals: Kristy Krüger
Electric Guitars: Dave Pirner (frontman of Soul Asylum)
Bass: Brad Houser (of Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians, and Critters Buggin’)
Drums: Tony Nozero (of Drums and Tuba, on Ani DiFranco’s label)
Production: Kristy Krüger and Andrew “Goat” Gilchrist
Recording Engineer: Andrew “Goat” Gilchrist
Mixing: Mark Bingham and Drew Vonderhaar
Mastering: Jon Fishbach
Graphic Design for Booklet: Jerod Bowers and Damon Bakun
Graphic Design for this Web site: Angela Faz
Photography: Jorge A. Quinonez
Recorded at Piety Street Studios and The Truck Farm, New Orleans, Louisiana

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